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Dr. Jason Scales, Business Manager, Education for Lincoln Electric

Dr. Jason Scales is the Business Manager, Education for Lincoln Electric, a world leader in the development and

manufacture of welding, cutting and robotic automation systems. In this recently created role, he is responsible for

strategic planning and the management of the company’s education team and product portfolio to attain growth in

revenue and profits. His team includes R & D, product management, technical training and sales

Prior to taking this position, Jason led a team of internal and external education resources to develop the world’s most

comprehensive welding education curriculum. Recently, he and his team served as the business lead in the construction

and outfitting of a $30M investment by Lincoln Electric in the Welding Technology & Training Center, which opened

this year on January 8. The mission of Jason and the Center is to maintain and grow the company’s reputation as the

recognized leader in the transfer of knowledge regarding the skill and science of welding – in the form of professional

development for educators, engineers and professional welders as well as those seeking a career in the skilled

trades. The Center also serves as a laboratory for the development of teaching methods and materials on advancing

technologies for fabrication.

Dr. Scales serves on a number of welding education and partner boards and has participated in numerous speaking

engagements, panels and bylined articles on the subject of the changing face of technical education and paths for

addressing the current ‘skills gap’ in manufacturing and construction.

Prior to joining Lincoln Electric, Jason served on the staff at the University of Central Missouri as an Associate

Professor of Agriculture following a career in agricultural education. He received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural

Education and a Master of Science in Technical and Occupational Education from the University of Central Missouri.

He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Education at the University of Missouri.

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