K-ACTE Board of Directors

The K-ACTE Board of Directors is made up of a Executive Committee (President, First President-Elect, 2nd President-Elect, and Immediate Past-President), each from a different affiliate group. The Board of Directors also consists of the President and President-Elect from each affiliate, as well as a representative from the Kansas State Department of Education and the Kansas Board of Regents.

The members of the 2018-2019 Board of Directors are:

Mike McConnell
Affiliate: KT&IEA  

First President-Elect
Jana Wedel
Affiliate: KT&IEA  

Second President-Elect

Marla Sterling
Affiliate: KATFACS


 Russell Plaschka
 Affiliate: KAAE

Marla HaydenPresident

Linda Chase
Affiliate: KAAE

 KAAE President
 Jeff Gillespie
 KAAE President-Elect 
 Mark Meyer
 KATFACS President
 Renea Spangler
 KATFACS President-Elect
 Laurali Masterson
 KBOA President
 Elizabeth Vaughn
 KBOA President-Elect

 KLCTE President
 Cody Lee
 KLCTE President-Elect

 Lori Carselowey

 KT&IEA President
 PJ Reilly
 KT&IEA President-Elect
 Kevin Berrey
 KNRS President
 Jane Schneider
 KNRS President-Elect
 Kansas Board of Regents Liaison
 Scott Smathers
 Kansas State Department of Education Liaison
 Stacy Smith
 K-ACTE Executive Director - Steve Kearney  

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